Combat Jujitsu

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Combat Jujitsu is a realistic approach to dealing with a real-life situation. It combines Japanese jujitsu with Krav Maga (an Israeli system of defense). The strikes are usually elbows and knees which originates from Thai boxing. When combined together you create Combat jujitsu.

Our system is a reality-based art, no sport application where a referee can step in, in a street attack it would be brutal and to prepare for that you must approach your training with a certain attitude.

We train hard, very hard. Many other instructors have found our system to be very realistic with a big emphasis on pressure testing and fitness. Too much time is spent on learning a technique and not enough on testing it under pressure. Pressure can be your enemy, so getting used to it can be an advantage.

Combat jujitsu students and instructors aim to train at a high fitness level and be in great physical condition. Being fit is the glue that holds everything together and can be the difference in a confrontation.

Combat jujitsu will train you to deal with a variety of scenarios:

Grab defence, punch and kick defence, bear hugs/ head locks, street grappling, knife/stick and gun defence.


Combat jujitsu gradings are the ultimate test in your training. Some schools line up twenty students and watch them cover a series of moves and hand out belts after. We do things differently, most students grade alone and do so in front of the class.

Standard’s are everything, I don’t just hand a new belt out to anyone, everyone earns their success and has to go through 75-100 throws along with their syllabus before facing the Stress Test.

Stress test:

The Stress test is the ultimate test of fitness, endurance, and technique. It ranges from 4 – 20 minutes. The candidate is in the middle surrounded by the rest of the students. It’s loud, it’s full out and they have to survive being attacked from a series of random holds, strikes, weapon attacks and threats. It’s relentless and you have nowhere to hide. It tests your mental strength, your determination and desire to succeed. In a nutshell, it’s about guts!