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At Combat Jujitsu you can be assured that our instructors are of the highest quality. All of them have been training within the club for several years and all maintain the incredibly high standards expected of them.

“To teach is to learn twice”

All of our instructors are very friendly and approachable and will spend time with you individually as you begin your training with us.

Sensei Jamie Bowden

3rd Dan Senior Instructor 

I’ve been practicing jujitsu under Sensei Mark since the first year the club started over ten years now.

I met Mark through my day job as a decorator; I did have some martial arts knowledge from a previous club which I had trained with. But that had recently closed. I had not found anything like it or that had interested me. After a chat with Sensei Mark he invited me down to his club to give it a go. Since then I’ve not looked back.

Combat jujitsu has a great atmosphere, everyone who trains with us is made to feel welcome and part of what is going on! There is a big emphasis on giving 100 percent and trying to get the best out of each individual .it’s this that has helped me and others to keep progressing, whilst learning from a great instructor with years of knowledge and expertise.

The clubs motto Train hard fight easy.

Sensei Kelly Batey

2nd Dan Black Belt

In 2009 I took my son to Mark Roberts Jujitsu class, little did I know that it would soon become a life-changing experience for me. After quickly seeing my son gain confidence and progress to his first grade I decided to take it up myself. After serving nearly 10 years in the British Army I thought I’d been to the limits of my physical ability but I hadn’t, Combat jujitsu certainly took me there. I started training twice a week for 4+ hours I soon couldn’t get enough of it. Through the 5 years it took me to get to black belt I experienced many ups and downs in the dojo, some mine and some other students. One thing I learned was in a Combat Jujitsu class you pass together and you fail together the camaraderie is second to none. This inspired me to start up a sister club to Mark Roberts club, with his guidance and support it has gone from strength to strength.

I started Combat Jujitsu at William Penn in February 2015 and was amazed how quickly it took off. I now see in my students the passion and commitment I had when I started my journey. I never saw myself to as an instructor or teacher but it soon became a natural progression. Few things I have experienced have been more rewarding. In just over 2 years I have seen my student base reach over 50 students with 2 kids classes and an adults class. Going forward I would like to add another night to the programme and eventually make it my full-time profession. So if you looking for a Martial art that is realistic to current threats and want a physical challenge with people who will turn up to help you week in week out with absolutely no ego’s Combat Jujitsu may be what you need. I and my class would certainly be happy to see you.

Sensei Mark Wareing

2nd Dan Black Belt

Hello, my name is Mark Wareing, 58 years old, married with two boys. My interest in Martial Arts/Jujitsu first started when I began bringing my two boys to Mark Roberts’ kids class in 2007. Both boys benefited from Sensei Mark’s teaching with my eldest son, Sam going on to achieve his Black Belt in December 2012. Sam encouraged me to take part and as I wanted to get fit again, in January 2010 I took up the challenge. My first grading was in March 2010 and over the last 6 years I have gradually worked through the various belts and improved my skills. I was thrilled to finally achieve my Black Belt in February 2016. This has been a combination of a lot of hard work, blood (literally), sweat and tears, but worth all the pain to reach this level.

Combat Jujitsu is arguably the best Martial Arts Club around. It is friendly and accommodating but above all, we all train at a high intensity inspired by Sensei Mark’s leadership and encouragement. Whilst techniques are very important with our core syllabus comprising of around 260 different moves spread over the 9 belts, Sensei Mark firmly believes that fitness is just as important, if not more so and we do a lot of fitness training in a session alongside the techniques so that we can be fitter and stronger than our opponent. After each lesson, you always leave having learned something new, whether it is about yourself, pushing yourself to the limit, learning a new technique or refining an existing technique. The more you put in the more you get out. It is thanks to Sensei Mark Robert’s great teaching abilities and belief in us that I have achieved this goal.

Train Hard, Fight Easy!

Sensei Ian Mallett

1st Dan Black Belt

My name is Ian mallett and I am 40 years old, I have been training for 4 years. I trained for many years in Muai Thai at one of the top clubs in England and I never thought I would find another martial art that I would love until I tried combat jujitsu. The mixture of jujitsu, Krav Maga, and Mmuai Thai blew me away and how there are hundreds of ways of defending yourself from so many dangerous situations. There are no egos in the club which is a rare thing to find, and there is a big emphasis on fitness, which is and should be a big side of any martial art. Every class is different and always demanding, the gradings are very difficult but extremely satisfying when you pass and all your hard work has paid off because no belt is handed out without you earning it. I cannot speak more highly of Sensei Mark Roberts who is an inspiration both in the dojo and my life.

I now run a school my own class at Hillingdon Sports and leisure complex.

Sensei Mark Sullivan

1st Dan Black Belt

Started on the path over 6 years ago thanks to my son John who joined me in our first club session and what a vast difference to the mundane circuit training I was doing before. Having done martial arts in my earlier years the urge to get back into something more stimulating and rewarding always played on my mind and the opportunity to learn Combat Jujitsu was not to be missed. Made welcome and encouraged from day one has led me to believe that everything is possible however a great deal of determination, commitment and endurance is required to progress from which confidence and self-worth is gained. Fitness is a key element in progression and by keeping your mind alert; you encourage, support and learn with each other. There is no easy route to progression and no timeline and ultimately, you know within yourself when you are ready to progress. Call it a love/hate relationship but ultimately it serves you well throughout life.

Sensei Daniel Sidhu

1st Dan Combat Jujitsu Black Belt

Blue Belt Brazilian Jiujitsu (IBJJF Registered)

Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Brazilian Jiujitsu Awards

Number 1 ranked No GI Competitor 2016/2017 (White Belt) UKBJJA

English No GI Champion 2016

Warriors Cup No GI Champion 2016/2017

Kleos Grappling GI Champion

IBJJF London open No GI Finalist (Blue Belt)

I started my martial arts journey 6years ago when I was asked to take part in a private session with a friend and sensei Mark, I instantly fell in love with jujitsu! Being over weight and out of shape at the time it seemed like a very difficult challenge to progress let alone get a black belt, but over time and consistent training on and off the mat I over came each challenge of each belt which I earned in June 2016 which was one of the hardest challenges of my life , the fitness and techniques I’ve learned have given me confidence and the ability to do other martial arts like muay thai which focuses on striking and Brazilian ju jitsu the art of ground fighting which I regularly compete in and I’ve recently earned a blue belt in,its also given me the fitness to try other challenges like tough mudder an outdoor obstacle course which I’ve run 11 times I’ve also started to train to be a personal trainer. I really like the atmosphere and intensity of each session which makes it very easy to help teach new students.