Master Mark Roberts

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My name is Mark Roberts the chief instructor and founder of Combat Jujitsu.

I have been training in martial arts for 35 years and teaching full time now for 10 years. I began with the popular arts at the time and found kickboxing as a teenager training under world respected Master Raphael Nieto at the national college of Martial arts. It was then that I knew being a full-time instructor was the vocation for me.

Kickboxing – After passing my Black Belt exam in 1997 I opened MCR Kickboxing which still runs to this day, we have trained thousands of children and watched them develop in all areas of life from the benefit of discipline, fun, and fitness.

Jujitsu – In 1998 I discovered Jujitsu which enabled me to learn all aspects of fighting. Throws, joint locks, grappling and weapon disarming. This was an art that has it all and tested me to the limit, in 2006 I opened my first class a year after passing my Black Belt.

In 2018 I was promoted by the British Combat Association to 5th Dan Black Belt (Master level) twenty years of dedication was worth every ache and pain to achieve this. I owe this success to so many people.

Krav Maga – I love this style of fighting and loved the simplicity, it has many elements of Jujitsu so I adapted very quickly. I was prompted to Instructor level in Israel. I introduced many of the concepts into my own system Combat Jujitsu.
In 2017 after training with the founder of Urban Krav Maga Stewart Mcgill for several years I passed the intensive instructor course and opened a separate class.

Security training – with the experience I have gained I now train many who are involved in the day to day front line work, countless police officers and door staff use our systems and regularly inform us of the effectiveness of it.

Personal Training – Having gained my qualifications from Premier Global in 1996 and being reps registered I have built a very successful clientele. From Lawyers to doctors, paramedics and security staff at Westminster, personal training enables me to create a personal session built around the needs of my client.

Personal training is a fantastic way of increasing your knowledge in a fun and friendly way.

Please contact me for pricing and availability.

Master Mark Roberts

  • Combat Jujitsu 5th Dan Master
  • Urban Krav Maga instructor
  • Kickboxing Black Belt 2nd Dan
  • Israeli trained Krav Maga
  • Instructor with British Combat Association

Martial Arts Masters opinions on Sensei Mark Roberts

My name is Reg Toms,  I am a Sifu ( teacher) in Wing Chun Kung Fu which I’ve studied and taught for 30 yrs. I’ve also trained in Kali & Jujitsu and it is my opinion that Sensei Mark Roberts is one of the best martial artists today. It’s his ideas and theories that he puts intohis classes that means this art adapts to all kinds of situations. Whether your training for either competition or street self-defence and survival. 

He is very open-minded and will hold nothing back which makes him an excellent guide for anyone that is thinking about joining the martial arts family.

Master Sifu, Reg Toms

Mark Roberts is a quality human being, he teaches his martial arts at a very high proficient level of excellence. He has achieved the natural internal energy flow of his art and is well able to execute the beauty of what he does in combat situations. 

A true teacher with excellent manners that has the ability to guide his students to their highest potential.

Master Abdur, Rahman, Silat Instructor

I’ve worked with Mark Muhammad Roberts for a couple of years. He was one of the few people to pass our Instructor Training Course first time. This reflects two main things:

1. He is a very proficient practitioner who understood our techniques very quickly and was able to implement them very successfully.

2. He is an excellent teacher, with a real ability to explain, demonstrate and help people through their difficulties.

When he applies a technique you know it’s been done by a professional; as a fellow professional I can’t give too much higher an accolade. And he’s a good man: this makes a difference in my experience, particularly to the quality of teaching and the patience needed to guide people through what can be a tough path. We’re very proud and happy to have him in the organisation and recommend him unreservedly to anyone.


Stewart McGill Chief instructor and Founder of Urban Krav Maga and Senior Instructor with British Combat Association

I have known Mark Roberts for 20 years and watched grow into a formidable martial artist.  I have seen him demonstrate on numerous occasions with great knowledge and precision.

I would recommend him unreservedly as a Martial artist. He is of good character inside and outside the dojo

Dai Master Rafael Nieto World champion British and European champion. Founder of Xen-do Martial Arts and WAKO Kickboxing Coach