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As a serving Commando, training is something I take seriously. When on leave I train with Sensei Mark on a 121 level. I always learn something new and something effective. Techniques that I go back and teach to other lads I serve with.

Excellent tuition, excellent Jujitsu.

Paul, Royal Marine Command

I have been practising Martial Arts for over 20 years studying; Boxing, Krav Maga, Escrima, Karate and I currently hold a Black Belt in Kempo Ju Jitsu. Having recently moved to London I have trained with several different clubs to try and find the right balance between effective self-defence, technical development and a friendly supportive club. Something I eventually found in Combat Jujitsu. Sensei Roberts has developed a style that gives you the tools, physical conditioning and mental resilience to effectively defend yourself.

While the club is relaxed and friendly, training and etiquette, quite rightly, is taken seriously. There is an excellent calibre of senior grades that make all feel welcome. Training goes at your own ability level and pace, there is a real team spirit to the club, there is no room for egos.

Whether you’re a seasoned Martial Artist or just starting out, you will go away from each session with new skills to protect yourself, a healthier body and a smile on your face. I can honestly say it’s one of the best clubs I have trained in.

Adam, Former British Soldier

I have in the past tried other forms of martial arts which at the time didn’t give me a good experience so I decided to try Combat jujitsu lead by 4th Dan Black belt Sensei Mark Roberts and can only say that it changed my whole mindset of what can be achieved if you challenge your mind and body to become better.

Sensei Mark Roberts provides a thoroughly sound environment and has tailored a programme to meet the real-life scenarios that can occur when being confronted in an aggressive manner. The Belt grading system is extremely challenging and is designed to replicate a range of potential attack scenarios which happen in day to day life and it is an immense achievement when you are awarded one of these and confirms your commitment you have made to yourself in making you a better person both physically and mentally.

Sensei Mark Roberts teaching style is to encourage this transition and to help push you to fitness limits you never thought were possible as well as teaching the technical side of which is an incredible martial art.

His friendly and yet focused approach helps you settle quickly into the programme and his thorough and committed approach is received by everyone in the group.

It is the best thing I have ever decided to do.


Cannot recommend the class highly enough. Always something new each session rewarding you both physically and mentally. The best way to keep fit and acquire self-confidence in a welcoming and very friendly club.

Mark S (blue belt)

I have now been training with Mark Roberts for approx. 3yrs in combat jujitsu covering defence against someone attacking with weapons or their hands The fitness training is always hard. The combat side the technical bit is always intense and with Marks teaching tech you learn fast but still having a laugh. I would recommend Mark to anyone for either combat jujitsu or fitness training.

Geoff P, personal training client

I always thought martial arts would be good for my boys but was worried about finding a teacher who would teach them the right skills, but also the importance of discipline.

Sensei Mark has a great balance of pushing them to always be better, but understanding that they’re not going to get it right the first time and helping them so that they’re not discouraged. The more advanced students are involved in mentoring the lower belts too which creates a good relationship between everyone and stops them from feeling intimidated. It’s been great to see them grow in confidence in the class, and working towards their higher belts keeps them interested and enthusiastic for their next class.

The prices are affordable and being able to pay as you go is a huge advantage over other classes. The dojo is always safe and clean. Overall an excellent class.

Suzanne H

If you are after value for money and an awesome trainer and club, whether it be for you or your child, you need not look any further! Offering great value for money and absolute professionalism throughout… Sensei Mark Roberts is the best!

John I

In the five years, I have been coming to Jujitsu classes I have changed completely. From how much more fit and healthy I have become and also how I respect people. Respect and discipline are major parts of what we are taught. At the club, it’s like everyone is part of one big family. New members always fit straight in and always enjoy themselves. Sensei Mark trains us hard so we can fight easy. Although every week I leave dripping with sweat and every muscle in my body aching, classes are always enjoyable and training is great exercise.

Conor K

I was training in lots of clubs different martial arts, but when I found combat jujitsu it completely changed my mind and I can say is the best club in London which provides high-quality training and fitness… I became so confident in such a short time, what I achieved in 3 years with sensei. I couldn’t achieve in 10 years somewhere else, which is great for the job I do in CLOSE PROTECTION and as a (BODYGUARD).

George M

Since joining and training at Combat Jujitsu both my confidence and my fitness has grown to the best it’s been for years. All the members from day one have been friendly and made me very welcome.


My 8-year-old has attended the jujitsu class for the past year and has learned so much. The class is much more than I expected it would be (i.e. boxing). It teaches self-defence in the form of boxing, blocking, kicking and bringing your opponent to the floor – but above all, discipline and confidence.

My son loves the class and enjoys the challenging work-out of push-ups, sit-ups, and sprints – as well as wearing the cool boxing gloves and being taught all the moves to protect himself if ever the need arises! I like the mix of ages and abilities as it makes for a challenging environment with something to aspire to.

Overall, I would say the main benefits of the class are ease of location, pay-as-you-go at an affordable price & a total mix of fitness activities that boosts confidence relieves stress and works off excess energy. The teacher is knowledgeable, very involved in the class, and very strict – which is greeted by his students with the respect such a sport demands. I would highly recommend this to let of energy and learn discipline in a fun challenging environment.

Janet P

I was keen to try jujitsu and was recommended ‘combat jujitsu’ by a friend. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit like being ‘the new kid in class’ not knowing anyone or what to do.

But straight away I was greeted by fellow students who made me feel very welcome and part of the club. The jujitsu is fantastic- locks, chokes, throws etc. and all taught in a step by step and 1-2-1 manor. Sensei mark is a great teacher whose class I would highly recommend. Anyone thinking about learning this, for self-defence, fitness, or any other reason- this is the club.

Dan M

I have been training with Sensei Mark for over 6 years, from when I started at the age of 9 till now my confidence has grown massively along with my skills in Combat Jujitsu (Kick Boxing), I owe this to Sensei as he has supported me over the years and I have gained great respect & discipline for him & the sport.

In this time spent training because of my dedication I have achieved my Black Belt 2nd Dan. Due to the effort I have put into my training and the constant encouragement from Sensei I now train with the adult class, the atmosphere in both adult & younger classes is very welcoming & gives you a sense of belonging.

I look forward to training each week because I learn so much and take so much away from the classes, it gives me a buzz knowing I am pushing myself each week.

I would recommend Sensei’s classes to anyone as it is a great way to improve your fitness & to build on many skills. I look forward to going all the way.

Max A

Combat Jujitsu is one of the best Martial Arts clubs around. The training is tough, but the rewards high. To gain any belt in this environment is a great achievement.

I was so proud to see Sam (my son) achieve his Black Belt December 2012. A great achievement.

Combat Jujitsu is a very friendly club, where everyone at whatever level is made to feel welcome. Sensei and the Instructors work us hard every week but we always come away having learned something.

Mark (brown belt)

As an armed police officer, top quality training is essential to my work. I was introduced to Sensei Mark two years ago and I found him to be highly professional and knowledgeable on his subject. Whether its control and restraint, edged weapons defence, he always seems to have the answer. His training has been invaluable and I would and do recommend him to anyone serious about training.

Highly professional and approachable.

Armed police officer

I have had the pleasure of training at Combat jujitsu with sensei Mark Roberts for over 3 years now along with my son who has progressed through the children’s classes and he has now reached the grade of blue belt. From the start Mark encouraged my 6-year-old son who was extremely nervous and lacked any real confidence in himself, he quickly became comfortable with the infectious atmosphere of the club and the other children in his class and his confidence soared, so much so that his confidence in his ability has helped him out at school.

I myself have now reached brown belt, the structured classes enable every student regardless of their ability to progress at a rate that they are comfortable with. Marks teaching ability is of an extremely high standard due to all his years’ experience within martial arts. He has attained instructor status in several arts including Grav magar, which is notoriously difficult to master.

Fitness is an important factor within the clubs success as Marks ethos is that should a situation arise where you need to use jujitsu you are equipped in all area’s to be able protect yourself. I must add students will only grade when their ability has reached the required standard, nothing is given at this club everything is EARNED. grading’s are tough physically and mentally which is why when a belt is given the student has earned it and the respect from other students is earned with it. The lack of ego’s ensures that every student is helped at every step of the way.

I would highly recommend that anyone interested in learning jujitsu come down to see Mark Roberts and sit and watch a lesson to get a feel of what the class would be like, it you are lucky enough to get down on a night with a grading, be prepared. They are a sight to behold.

Kelly B