Master Mark Roberts 

Master and Founder of Combat Jujitsu 6th Dan 
Master Instructor at Combat Krav Maga 
Israeli trained Krav Maga Senior Instructor 
KickBoxing Black Belt and founder of MCR KickBoxing 
Master and Chief Instructor in Meiji Krav Maga at Meiji Martial Arts London 
Senior Instructor with British Combat Association 
Full time instructor and REPS registered personal fitness trainer. 
My name is Mark Roberts and I am the chief instructor and founder of Combat Jujitsu. I have been training in Martial Arts for nearly forty years and teaching for twenty five. I am very fortunate to have trained thousands of students and with my team we have impacted positively on people of all ages, abilities and back grounds. Becoming an instructor in various arts has helped me in creating a syllabus that covers all aspects of self defence and personal protection. 
My personal preference has always been towards reality training as its what most of us will face and I take pride in preparing my students in gaining the skills, mindset and confidence required.  
Being a fitness and strength trainer, this part always finds its way into my sessions as its strengthens the body but more, so the mind. A real life encounter maybe intimidating and stressful and so my job is to prepare you with regular exams that proves your progression and ability to feel secure in these moments.  

Along with intense sessions I am extremely proud that my club is friendly and is often remarked upon from past and present students, and parents alike. 

We all learn better when we feel relaxed, safe and happy.I am fortunate to have trained with some of the best in Israel with Krav Maga to JuJitsu in london.Training with world champions and elite military forces becoming a Master level in both. Teaching full time and training everyone from close protection officers and armed police to school teachers and just about every one in between. My club I believe is the place for anyone who wants to get fit and to learn a skill set that will help to impact and improve all areas of your lifeIm addition to running classes and personal training i am a competitive bodybuilder on the world stage. So if you need help with diet, training and over health improvements then i’m happy to help.personal training prices available on request. 

Sensei Jack 

I'm Sensei Jack. I've been training with Master Mark for 10 years now, since I was only 7 years old. As a whole the experience was very different to what I was used to, being very shy and timid at a young age like many others. Regularly training every week gave me a huge confidence boost along with one of the most valuable life skills I could’ve asked for. Fast forward 9 years of consistent training, I started to train others that were in the exact same shoes as I were when I started. Seeing them developing their skills and confidence throughout 1st year I have been teaching is one of the most rewarding experiences as an instructor, remembering that I was in their same situation, and I look forward to teaching others for many more years to come. 

Sensei Max 

My name is Sensei Max and i've been training at MCR Combat Jujitsu for 8 years. When I joined I was low in confidence, but with everyone being so welcoming, I settled in quickly and soon became part of the team. Consistently training weekly has taught me self discipline. Always pushing myself further, knowing the end results are worth it. Master Mark and the team have always supported me and put 100% effort into making me believe in myself. In May 2021, I was honoured to receive my first Dan Black Belt. All my hard work, dedication had finally paid off. I now teach the younger classes, so I can pass on my knowledge and passion for the martial art. I know it can be an anxious experience starting something new. However at Combat Jujitsu we work together, Train together, learn together. Training hard to Fight easy 
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