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What is Combat Jujitsu?

Combat jujitsu is an aggressive approach to dealing with a real life situation. It combines Japanese jujitsu with Krav Maga (an Israeli system of defence). The strikes are usually elbows and knees which originates from Thai boxing. When combined together you create Combat jujitsu.

Our system is a reality based art, no sport application where a referee can step in. In a street attack it would be brutal and to prepare for that you must approach your training with a certain attitude.

Combat jujitsu students and instructors aim to train at a high fitness level and be in great physical condition.



As a serving Commando, training is something I take seriously. When on leave I train with Sensei Mark on a 121 level. I always learn something new and something effective. Techniques that I go back and teach to other lads I serve with.

Excellent tuition, excellent Ju jitsu.
Paul, Royal Marine Commando

Member of Cobra Martial Arts Association

Member of Cobra Martial Arts Association


South Ruislip, North London Martial Arts Club

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