Kids Classes

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At Combat Jujitsu, we offer a range of classes for all ages and abilities from 5-15 years. The core of what we teach is kickboxing based but we add a twist of self-defence to build your child’s confidence. We believe that confidence is like the fuel in your car, without it you won’t go far, but with it, it can take you anywhere.

We have many children who come to us nervous for one reason or another but thrive once they relax and enjoy the atmosphere that we create in the club. Hitting pads, practicing strikes and Combat jujitsu self-defence techniques helps shape them towards regular gradings where they climb the ladder to success

We are passionate about training the next generation and moulding them in the right way. There’s a BIG emphasis on discipline and respect and over many years we have had great feedback from parents who believe this has helped their studies and behaviour at home.

Having taught children since 1998 and seen thousands pass through we know what it takes to turn them into confident young people, with talks about anti bullying and fun we hope you’ll look no further than us.

Every month we award the student of the month trophy.

All our classes are pay as you go and even cheaper if you have two children in the same class!

Infants 5-7 years:

This class is very popular for our infants, it’s a great fun-filled, high energy class. We focus on fun, confidence and the kicks and punches of Kickboxing. We like our little kickers to use their voice to develop confidence. We talk about ‘Stranger danger’ so that we can help you to equip them with life skills.

Juniors 8-15 years:

This class is mixture of kickboxing/self-defence and Fitness. We believe our students need a balance of all three. Confidence is an ingredient we feel is essential as many of our students come to us for various reasons. It is very friendly although strict atmosphere and our syllabus enables them to learn a variety of techniques from the basics of Kickboxing to dealing with grabs, intimidation and weapon defence.